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Brow and facial razor gives for super close, smooth shave. Plus, the unique safety guard helps prevent nicks and irritation-super protective for delicate skin.3 Razors per Pack. Cautions: do not use it in any other purposes except shaving facial hair and trimming eyebrow. Do not remove a blade from the holder. To keep the blade sharp, do not wipe the tip of blade, let the blade touch something other than skin. Apply cream or lathered soap before shaving in order to avoid damages to your skin. Be careful not to slip with wet hands, cream or soap. After every use, rinse well, dry and fold edge. Store in a dry area. Keep out of reach of children.

Kai Razor Disposable Brow & Face Razors Folding Type 30-pc 10 packs of 3 KDRNJDKKW

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