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High performance stainless steelManufactured and designed to have small, uniform grain with post processes that includes Teflon, nitrogen, chrome and platinum coatingOptimally sharpened to 550HV to give you an outstanding shaveDesigned for the closest shave without irritation100% Veteran owned company

100 High-Performance Stainless Steel (20) 5 Pack Double Edge Razor Blades YOU’LL LOVE THIS BLADE Sustainability. Unlike other blades that are full of plastic and multiple blades, double edge blades are solid steel which makes them recyclable! Eliminate Irritation. Has your face ever felt like scorched earth after a shave Double edge razors are angled at 30o and when operated correctly your skin will not become irritated or experience razor bumps. Why Well 3-5 blade cartridges will function like this: 1st blade pulls the hair, 2nd blade hacks, pull, hack, pull, hack. Have you ever curled a ribbing using scissors Essentially that is what you are doing to your face and the cause of razor bumps. Cost-effective. Steel, stamp, box, done. Manufacturing double edge blades is so much easier than multi razor cartridges. Allowing us to keep costs down and still deliver a premium blade with small, uniform grain and a post process that includes Teflon, nitrogen, chrome and platinum coatings.

High Performance Double Edge Razors YFLZBRSPO

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