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100% vegan and cruelty free registered with Peta and Naturewatchideal travel brushcompact and ergonomiccan also be used as a nail brush or hair brush for short hairmade from sustainable pear tree wood

An oval shaped small beard brush made from sustainably grown pear tree wood. The bristles are made from sisal. Size: 9 cm long x 5 cm wide (widest points). If you have very coarse hair then it is recommended to detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb before brushing. Use on dry hair only as otherwise the sisal bristles attract moisture and become weaker which makes them bend and break. For cleaning use my vegan hair removal fork or wash the brush by swiping it quickly through soapy water (baby shampoo or normal shampoo is fine), avoiding contact of the wood with water and then leave the brush to dry on a hand towel by laying it onto the bristles facing downwards (that way the water does not enter the wood). Ever so often oil the wood with a drop of sunflower oil, rubbing the oil into the wood with a soft cloth.

Cebra ethical skincare Handmade Beard Brush with Sisal Bristles ergonomic grip 100% vegan NQSEWHNSK

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