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A youth-preserving cream in a luxurious moisturizing base. The anti-aging miracle, Globe Daisy, thrives in the high mountains at 22 degrees below zero and survives by producing cells that live longer and regenerate faster. Now through new biotechnology, researchers extract the survival compounds from the plant’s stem cells and apply them to human skin cells where they rally our anti-aging defenses and reduce the sensitivity of the skin. We have combined this technology with our remarkable Willowherb ingredient and with a new patented product called SymCalmin which provides the same anti-irritant, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory properties as the avenanthraimides that famously occur in oats. The result is a smooth and comforting cream that absorbs easily and offers a protective base for rosacea skin. Effective for use during the day or at bedtime for topical application on irritated skin. Paraben free.

CALMING CREAM WITH SYMCALMIN Nourishing anti-aging effective for rosacea 2 Oz JYZAVBGXA

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