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Whether you want to skip a day of washing or just need to save time in the locker room, the key to your best next-day hair is to spray Calista Tools Day Off Dry Shampoo into roots and shake hands through the roots (like you would when shampooing) to evenly distribute product. To help pump up the volume even more, flip head upside down while shaking, then brush through. You can easily revamp your hair with the salon grade Calista Tools Day Off Dry Shampoo. Formulated with fine-grind rice and tapioca starches, Calista Tools Day Off Dry Shampoo keeps color intact while maintaining hair manageability �?style and brush through hair as normal without the gritty, white powder residue you see with typical dry shampoos.

Brand Story

Developed by international award-winning stylist and salon owner Maria McCool, Calista’s extensive line of professional hair products combine unique ingredients and advanced technology to help solve everyday hair challenges.

Calista Tools Day Off Dry Shampoo Dry Shampoo ZZLOJFPDZ

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