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All Natural Hair and Beard Wax with a light sweet woodsy scent that will have your testosterone pumpingGives hair a high natural shine and a strong yet flexible hold to keep your style lasting all day.Butch Wax holds your hair in place, but doesn't stay stuck on hair like those other guys. Butch Wax washes out easily especially when using our Clean Mint Shampoo and Conditioner!Packaged in our opaque 2 oz. hockey puck, it's already the perfect size for traveling, your gym bag, or briefcaseParaben FREE -BPA FREE -Gluten FREE -Vegan Approved -NON GMO -Made in the USA

Versatile defining and styling wax for texture and hold. Infused with Beeswax for a naturally shiny finish. why butch wax You can be Butch Cassidy or kinda like (but not really at all) butch. Butch is an attitude; a way of life; a statement that is not reserved for the lumberjacks of the world, but for everyone wanting to identify as such. You're an adult in America... do what you want. excellent for medium to thick hair texture skin fade to medium length hair guys or girls or somewhere in between Want your style to last extra long Try our icon hair spray - it's all the hold you need. All blowmei products meet or exceed the major 6 industry standards: -Paraben FREE -BPA FREE -Gluten FREE -Vegan Approved -NON GMO -Made in the USA

Butch Wax All Natural Hair Styling Wax for Short and Textured Hair Strong Hold and Medium Shine 2 oz jar EWIVPVVPE

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