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ZZ Sensitive Regenerative Day Cream 1.69 oz CreamRegenerative. Soothing. Protective..

For sensitive skin in need of regeneration.

Intensive care to make the skin feel smooth. Promotes cell renewal and smooths. White lupine firms the facial contours.

Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed. 100% free of preservatives, fragrances and synthetic colorings. Vegetarian.

Directions Apply to the skin in the morning after cleansing and toning, and massage in gently

Other Ingredients: AQUA WATER Deep spring water. Water from the red sandstone strata of the northern Black Forest in Germany. It is obtained from our own well at a depth of 165 meters, and is unchlorinated and naturally pure. Its function is to moisturize the surface of the skin and to act as a solvent for water-soluble ingredients and plant extracts. SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OIL JOJOBA Jojoba oil. A liquid wax from the seeds of the jojoba shrub. Cares for the skin, smooths, protects, and maintains the skins moisture. It is rapidly absorbed without making the skin look greasy. It is also very resistant to oxidation and offers a slight level of natural protection against light. CAPRYLYL CAPRYLATE/CAPRATE A fatty acid ester. A very light oil component of plant origin that offers good spreadability and does not leave the skin feeling greasy. ALCOHOL Pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. Obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. Alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. It also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation. SQUALANE Squalane. An oil component of plant origin similar to the squalene in the skin and therefore particularly well absorbed. Makes the skin feel soft, silky, but not greasy, and is very skin-compatible. GLYCERIN Glycerin. A component of all fats and oils. Glycerin has a moisturizing effect. For BRLIND, it is derived sol

BORLIND ZZ Regenerative Day Cream 1.69 Ounce SIISULCQB

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