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CLEAN SWEEP: Easily and effectively remove stubborn, makeup, dirt and oil.ALL IN ONE: Cleanse, refresh and tone the skin. Never drying, these wipes will leave your face soft and smooth.CRUELTY FREE: Our products are never tested on animals.POWER OF TEA TREE: Beloved for its healing and antiseptic properties, these wipes will leave your skin clean and toned.PACK N WIPE: Designed to be easily portable, our wipes come with a reusable closure to keep them fresh.

Keep your skin looking soft and healthy with our Tea Tree Facial Wipes. They gently and effectively remove waterproof makeup, while working to nourish and reenergize your skin. With its unique blend of tea tree, chamomile and aloe Vera they effectively cleanse and resurface the skin.

Body Prescriptions 2 Pack 60 Count Each Fresh Face Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Wipes OSSMKGPNH

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