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decreases puffinessmaintain the longevity of the skin’s stem cellsdecrease in lines and wrinkles in just 28 daysfirms skin immediately

Skin Type: Mature.Biodroga Anti-Age Eye Care Description:Everyone wants to hold on to their youth and now you can with Biodroga Eye Care. This luxurious product has draining benefits to decrease puffiness. It contains plant stem cells that maintain the longevity of the skin’s stem cells and boost their actions. You’ll notice a decrease in lines and wrinkles in just 28 days. Wheat protein firms skin immediately so that you’ll always look your best! Biodroga Anti-Age Eye Care Features & Benefits:A luxurious and elastic eye care product. Lines and wrinkles decrease in as little as 28 days.How To Use Biodroga Anti-Age Eye Care:In the am and pm, use Biodroga Eye Care on clean eye contours by gently patting using your ring finger. At night, apply more liberally to keep up microcirculation and reduce puffiness. For use as an eye mask, apply a generous amount around the eyes. It will be completely absorbed within 10-20 minutes. You can pat in the excess product.

Biodroga Anti-Age Cell Formula Firming Eye Care 0.5 Oz GBKTZJMIF

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