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THE BEARD BASKET beard shaping tool measures a lofty-yet-convenient 30 wide x 50” long x 0.2” deep. Be the beard boss you want to see in the world!TWO TRANSPARENT SUCTION CUP HOOKS attach hair catcher to the vanity mirror or steel mill wall or burly redwood tree trunk. This smart feature keeps both your manly, adult bathroom (or factory or forest) clean as well as the smokin’ hot Mrs. Mountain Lion happy. No more rumbles in the jungle about you leaving the sink a mess post-shaving—oh no no no.SPECIALLY-DESIGNED STORAGE BAG (measuring 9” x 8”) makes travel, clean-up and storage simple and easy260D POLYESTER PONGEE is a synthetic silk, woven into a light, malleable fabric that makes up the trimmings bag fit for a total beefcake such as yourself.MACHINABLE-WASHABLE means it’s a breeze to keep your Beard Basket clear. None of that high maintenance sissy stuff for you, sir. Plus, toss it on a line to air dry with zero fuss—and maximum visibility so all your neighbors can rest assured of not only your masculinity, but also your impeccable hygiene and green-minded sensibilities. It’s. Just. That. Simple. Go on with your bad self, beard bro.

We know your masculinity is like a proud, wild mountain lion, snarling with unbridled ferocity. It’s booming with testosterone that’s simply impossible to tame! However, those errant beard hairs that fly around while shaving! But now there’s a way to keep those fuzzy fliers contained (and, trust us, they’re really best contained). Introducing, BEARD BASKET: the mighty, machine-washable beard bib that works like a beard apron, designed to catch all those airborne whiskers.

Beard Basket men&rsquo s facial hair beard mustache trimmings catch and bag RZKMBSZWX

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