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AHA Facial Wash - 1 ozDaily Botanical Enzyme Peel - 4.5 mlElderberry Balancing Mist - 4 mlClarifying Lotion - 4.5 mlOrganic Skin Care Regimen suitable for acne-prone skin.

With the use of fruit acids and other natural enzymes, our Acne-Prone Trial Collection utilizes a combination of potent ingredients specifically formulated to combat all types of acne by controlling inflammation, excessive oil and destroying acne causing bacteria. AHA Facial Wash (10% glycolic acid): This highly effective foaming cleanser contains 10% glycolic acid to help destroy acne-causing bacteria. Removes skin's outer layer, allowing easier release of clogged pores, excess sebum and debris. Helps reduce skin discoloration from previous acne and encourages pore refinement for a flawless complexion. Your skin will be left clean with a more renewed and even skin tone. Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel: Botanical Enzymes have been called the most important skin care agents of the decade. The active enzyme used in our Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel loosens dead cells from the skin s surface by dissolving stubborn glue-like substances that refuse to release dead skin cells through normal cleansing. These cells create a barrier for proper absorption of moisturizers and serums, so getting rid of these dead cells means that fresher cells are exposed resulting in optimal absorption of products. Elderberry Balancing Mist: Our Elderberry Balancing Mist is created to heal, nourish, and bring oily and acne-prone skin into ph balance. This prepares the skin for optimal absorption of serums and moisturizers. Peppermint and tea tree hydrosol work to control oil production in the skin. Elderberry, pomegranate, and comfrey soothe and heal acne-prone skin. Niacin provides tremendous anti-acne benefits. Clarifying Lotion: A powerful formula using naturally derived salicylic acid to fight acne fast (minus irritation and side effects of synthetics). Visit for more information and ingredients.

Be Natural Organics Acne Prone Trial Collection 4-Piece Skin Care Collection BSVUQPTKK

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