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Barbero Stripless Hair Removal Wax Kit Steel by Wax NecessitiesIt is excellent for the removal of hair from underarms, chest, back, arms and legs.It has an advanced flexible, formula with high adhesion to the hair but not the skin.After the treatment, hair regrowth will be slower, finer, and softer. Skin may remain smooth for up to 4 weeks*. *Individual results may vary.Kit contains: - Wax Container 8.45 oz. / 250 ml - 2 Wooden Spatulas - Waxing Instructions

Men's hair are stronger but the skin can be very sensitive. Barbero Stripless Wax Kit Steel is an effective hair removal system, formulated specially for thicker men's hair and with ingredients added to protect the skin while leaving it shiny and smooth. WARNING: Please read booklet in full before proceeding with treatment. Failure to follow instructions,cautions and warnings may results in severe skin irritation, burns, skin removal or other injuries.

Barbero Microwavable Hair Removal Stripless Wax Kit Steel 8.45 Oz. by Wax Necessities OKTPAVUZK

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