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Shipping from Germany takes 25-30 working days + import fees, SHIPMENT BY IN 1 DAYThe skin effectively cleans: the Balea peel-off mask with apricot extract removes gently dead skin particles, dirt and sebum deposits by peeling off the dried mask, at the same time your skin is supple.Panthenol soothes the skin and promotes recovery.The formulation with hamamelis, apricot extract and Gelée Royal refreshes and revitalises the skin.After cleansing, apply generously and evenly to the face, avoid eye and mouth parts. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, then peel off the dry mask from the sides towards the center. Wash any residue with lukewarm water. Apply up to 3 times a week if necessary. Pack is enough for 2 applications.

Balea Peel-Off Mask5 Packs of 2 x 8ml each for 10 Applications ESOKFBXFM

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