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Richest source of linoleic acid, so it's especially effective for aging, mature, and sensitive skin.Linoleic acid keeps your skin moisturized, so it's plump, juicy, young as you feel, and comfortable.A powerful antioxidant, this oil protects your skin from sun and age damage, reducing brown spots.Light oil penetrates quickly, is absorbed without leaving greasy feel, sealing in skin moisture.Carotenoids shelter your skin from sun UV damage, leading to fewer wrinkles and crow's feet.

This light, smooth beauty oil caresses your face like fresh, just-churned butter

Your search for the perfect beauty oil to moisturize, rejuvenate, regenerate, and re-vivify your skin and hair is over.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil (aka Maracuja oil) contains the highest amount of Omega-6 linoleic acid. This prevents your skin from drying out in the dry winter cold air. It eliminates dry, scaly and flaky areas.

It's also a powerful antioxidant that increases skin's resistance to the sun's damaging UV rays.

And it's anti-inflammatory -- like ice on your red, irritated itchy skin. Soothing as a lullaby.

The carotenoids are powerful antioxidant that shield your skin from ultraviolet sunlight damage, thereby preventing and minimizing wrinkles, lines, crow's feet, brown aging spots, hyperpigmentation and other signs of premature aging.

Also apply Passion Fruit Seed Oil to your hair and scalp. It gives shine and lustre to listless dry hair, reduces dandruff and repairs split ends.

Ships in dark glass to preserve product freshness.

Comes with a 30-day full satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

Buy two bottles of Passion Fruit Seed Oil today. One bottle for yourself, one for your mother. Or your daughter. And your sister, cousin, and best friend.

Au Natural Organics Passion Fruit Seed Oil 3.4 Oz IEGUBJXIU

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