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Our soap bases have 100% pure, natural Kosher glycerin. The palm oil used is from companies that comply with RSPOOur soaps are biodegradable and involve no animal testingAll of our oils are purchased from sustainable growers and our raw materials are non-GMOThese bases can be used to make soaps in thousands of shapes, including round, bars, ovals, rectangles, etc.All bases are uncolored and unscented, ready for the emission of fragrances, colors, essential oils, exfoliates and much more

Shaving melt and pour soap base: this is a clear soap base made to Lather with loads of luxurious foam, great for Shaving or just for someone who loves great heavy Lather.

Areej Hypo-Allergenic Biodegradable Shaving Soap Base made with 100% Pure Natural Glycerin 2 Pounds MXOHHNBVP

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