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DIVINE FAST FILLER COMPLEX- Exclusive technological complex that rearranges the network of collagen fibers and improves tone and skin densitySIN BOTOX- Reduces expression lines by facilitating the relaxation of facial musclesPLASTIC POWDER- Offers a smoothing and light-reflecting action, visually minimizing wrinkles and leading to an extraordinary brightnessHYALURONIC ACID- Helps maintain the level of hydration, firmness and suppleness of the skin by incorporating a large number of water molecules and therefore facilitating a better response to the absorption of the specific active ingredientsMARINE COLLAGEN MICROSPHERES- Genuine “pads” with swelling properties. Once they penetrate the skin and come in contact with water, they swell and fill the furrows of deep wrinkles and of the internal micro-wrinkles

Ten Science Instant Replenishing Cream is a day and night cream with an instant replenishing effect. Our product smoothens the appearance of wrinkles, including those which are more pronounced, relaxes the facial features and improves the expressions. You will be left with velvety skin with a radiant appearance that has you looking simply divine.
Massage onto the face, neck and décolletage until completely absorbed
For more than 30 years ALFAPARF MILANO has been by the side of Beauty Professionals offering them the tools to unlock all things beautiful in their clients. Formen and women in 80 countries who turn to Beauty Professionals to achieve radiant beauty, Alfaparf Milano delivers Italian inspired solutions for new beauty and wellness needs.

AlfaParf Ten Science Instant Replenishing Cream1.69 oz LXOSMCCSY

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