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LUXURIOUS SKIN PEELING: Luxury and skin peel aren't usually used in the same sentence but Aha! Moment (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) body peel gently lifts dead skin away!GENTLE & EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY: One-of-a-kind delivery of glycolic and lactic acid with a proprietary dual buffering system means results with less pain & dryness. Especially great for softening dry skin and revitalizing the complexionEXTRA ANTIOXIDANTS: Wine berry superfruits penetrate skin and remain after skin is exfoliated for all day lasting antioxidant power.SPA DAY FUN: This fun peel won't disappoint for your next spa night or special occasion gifting. Your friends will love to see their skin peel-off!

Let's toast to great skin with our deliciously gentle & effective Champagne Body Peel! Exfoliation is the key to skin health. This innovative wine berry superfruit and alpha hydroxy acid peel makes it easy & fun to slough dullness away. Your AHA! MOMENT will be watching dead skin ball-up revealing soft skin & a fresh glow. WHAT TO EXPECT: 1.) Alpha Hydroxy Acids from fruit act on skin while the peel drys. 2.) Skin binds with polymers as you rub lifting dead skin off and away! 3.) Antioxidant & skin moisturizers remain after rinse-off so your skin will be soft & touchable. TIP: Use the Exfolimate to thoroughly remove skin for your softest skin ever!

Aha Moment Champagne Body Peel Alpha Hydroxy Acid Wine Berry Superfruit watch skin peel away RMNPJXEUS

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