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MUNOAGE is a cosmetic line which was developed by dermatologists who have examined the skin of more than 6,000 patients in Japan and who have been engaged in beauty medical care specializing in improving aging skin which is troubled by pigmentation, wrinkles and sagginess. It restores firmness and elasticity of the skin and helps create smooth and moisturized skin.MUNOAGE ADVANCED TEJUVENATION CREAM EX is a moisturizing cream which increases skin firmness and boosts skin elasticity. It also contains highly concentrated peptide whose effect was found in the process of treating burns which promotes cell regeneration.Country of Origin: Made in Japan, Contents: 30g*Fragrance Free,*Color Free,*Mineral Oil Free,*No petroleum-based surfactant,*Paraben Free,*Alcohol FreePlease note that the application manual is available only in Japanese and not available in English.

【Caution】*Please discontinue using this product if it does not agree with your skin.*Please do not apply it on the parts of the skin which suffer from abnormal irritation.*Please carefully avoid getting it into your eyes. In case that it gets into your eyes, rinse them with water or lukewarm water thoroughly.*Should any abnormal irritation occur on your skin, please stop using this product and consult your doctor.*Please make sure to close the lid firmly after use.*Keep away from children and store it somewhere safe.*Avoid storing at high or low temperature and do not store the product in direct sunlight as it may affect the quality of the product.

Advanced Rejuvenation Cream Bird Ex COWQEOQXJ

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