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Double Effects (physics + chemistry) : The golden pad in a rectangular retinal structure removes dead skin cells and skin wastes. The soft white side gently removes residue and soothes skin.Selective whitening complexes : The whitening ingredients have been extracted from lemon through low-temperature ultrasonic waves with mineral loss. The AHA ingredients gently dissolve aging skin cells and brighten your skin.Visually check wiped wastes : The vegetable fiber easily clears skin surfaces and pores of wastes.

How to Use :
1. Wash your face. Gently wipe with the yellow side along skin texture on cleansed face.
2. Intensely massage on the facial parts with most dead skin cells skin with the white side.
3. Lastly, throughly cleanse with warm water and finish with a toner.

This is recommended for : - Anyone who experiences frequent callus due to deteriorated skin regeneration.
- Anyone who is concerned with dark skin tone, freckles, and other skin troubles.
- Anyone with roughened skin by dead skin cells and a difficulty to apply makeup
- Anyone who wishes to feel the effect as good as a treatment from a skin care salon
- Anyone who wants to remove dead skin cells and get a soft skin

ABOUT ME Skin Tone Up Peeling Pad 7g Pack of 5 Dead Skin Cells Care with Double Side Pad KBTIYADZI

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