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Product Size (width X depth X height): 130mmX68mmCountry of origin: JapanContents: 330mL

Volume up commodity introduction hair, further Hari Koshiappu. Extract combination moisturize the scalp: chicory leaf extract (moisturizing). Precautions [thing to consult] redness, swelling, itching, if the irritation and other abnormalities appeared to discontinue use and consult to the doctor and skin it. There Symptoms may worsen and continue to use. [Note on the other use] scratch, swelling, eczema, should not be used when there is an abnormality of the rash and the like. Careful not to enter the eye, when you enter it to wash away immediately. It should be noted that, if the remains abnormal, that you consult an ophthalmologist. Be kept out of reach of children. Hot or cold places, be stored away from direct sunlight. To view all the description of the goods

50 of grace hair and 330mL Refill YoJun treatment of scalp XRTVRMEXI

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