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PROVEN & TESTED. With over 27 years servicing dermatologists and medi-spas, our powerful non-prescription solution now, available directly for consumers is designed to remove the top layer of problematic skin. The newer and healthier skin below the damaged layer is revealed, resulting in CLEAR and HEALTHY skin.SAFE & EFFECTIVE! After 4-6 applications (used along with pH Prepping Solution and Post Peel Neutralizer) you will see the difference with our “Lunch-Time” peel. No downtime or heavy peeling. Suitable for All Skin Types.PEEL AWAY BLEMISHES with our MEDIUM strength 40% Glycolic Acid, used to improve the skin's appearance and texture; reducing wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, deep clean and reduce pores, eliminate blackheads and improve many other skin conditions, including actinic keratosis, hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosisNATURAL INGREDIENTS: This highly purified Glycolic Acid is derived from natural sugarcane formulated to be medical grade (pH 1.7) potency.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. All 30G Products are made in the USA. This product is Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, 100% Vegan and DOES NOT contain Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Formaldehyde Releasers, Synthetic Dyes/Fragrance, Alcohols and MI/MCI Preservatives.

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel quickly and efficiently removes dead skin cells that clog and make skin look dull. Frequent use of our super-concentrated Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel promotes circulation and maintains a younger skin texture.

With 40% Glycolic Acid for Exfoliation. 40% Glycolic Acid is **Medium Strength**. It is ideal for the individuals who are comfortable with 30% Glycolic Acid Peel and looking for that extra kick . It is completely **safe**, **no down time**, and **easy to use** for mere 60 seconds a week.

Why is Glycolic Acid the best choice of AHA for sloughing off skin cells

Glycolic acid is the naturally occurring, non-toxic alpha hydroxy acid found in sugar cane. Because of its small molecular size, glycolic acid is ideal for cosmetic use. Penetration of the epidermis’ cells occurs best with glycolic acid when compared to other AHAs.

Key Product Introduction

With 60% Glycolic Acid for Exfoliation. 60% Glycolic Acid is **Strong Strength**. It is ideal for the individuals who has expert or professional in Glycolic Acid applications. It is completely **safe**, and **easy to use** for mere 20 seconds a week. Mild peeling and flaking after 2 days.

Use for any type of skin including normal, combo, oily, Acne prone, Acne Scarred Skin, pregnancy marks, etc. It also stimuates collagen growth and moisture retention in skin. Enjoy cleaner, healthier, younger looking skin now.

What Product does

Loosen the bonds between old skin from the young skin underneath. Peel away the old skin. New skin emerges.

Brighten your complexion by exfoliating away dead, dull surface skin.

Enhances the absorption of moisturizers so your skin looks smoother and more supple.

Promotes circulation, leading to an improvement in skin texture and elasticity.

40% Medical-Grade Glycolic Acid PUCFGZWVT

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