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Material from precision stainless steel, fine cutting and easy capturing.Please be sure to clean your shaver and lubricate new blades as directed below. **Please be sure of blade compatibility according to the list below before ordering replacement blades.Engineered for a perfect fit for your HQ6 heads, making them Sharp, Quiet, Smooth and Easy to Install.It is recommended that you replace your shaving head once every 12 months for maximum shaving performance.Please Note: This is an aftermarket Compatible Replacement shaver head by Acupress, it is not manufactured by Philips Norelco. It is 100% functional, but can not reach the same performance.

Fits Philips shavers models listing: HQ642 HQ662 HQ663 HQ664 HQ665 HQ682 HQ686 HQ6423 HQ6425 HQ6426 HQ6465 HQ6466 HQ6705 HQ6736 HQ6740 HQ6756 HQ6825 HQ6826 HQ6827 HQ6828 HQ6829 HQ6830 HQ6832 HQ6845 HQ6846 HQ6847 HQ6848 HQ6850 HQ6851 HQ6852 HQ6865 HQ6866 HQ6867 HQ6870 HQ6871 HQ6885 HQ6886 HQ6887 HQ6888 HQ6889 HQ6890 HQ6891 HQ6893 HQ6894 HQ7405 HQ7415 HQ7610 HQ7615 HQ7616 HQ7617 HQ7814 HQ7815 HQ7816 HQ7817 HQ7820 HQ7821 HQ7825 HQ7829 HQ7830 HQ7845 HQ7850 HQ7864 HQ7865 HQ7866 HQ7868 HQ7870 HQ7885 7886XL 7885XL 7866XL 7865XL 7864XL 7845XL 7825XL 7815XL 7617X 7616X 7615X 7610X 6891XL 6891XLD 6890XL 6887XL 6886XL 6886XLD 6885XL 6867XL 6866XL 6865XL 6848XL 6846XL 6845XL 6829XL 6828XL 6826XL 6825XL ....etc (may be partial list)

3pcs Replacement Shaver Head fit Philips NORELCO HQ6 Quarda Action Razor SWRJTCENJ

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