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Expression LinesScarsWrinkles Frecklesburnsstains on the skin and Striations

Scientific studies have shown that the snail has extraordinary healing properties. These properties have been concentrated in Karakol Kream, and now you can reduce blemishes, acne, reduce scarring, reduce wrinkles and expression lines helping in the process of regeneration of the skin, all these benefits in one cream. The Allantoin and collagen acts directly on the skin cells rejuvenate tissues. Snail Gel: Karakol Kream also contains glycolic acid, which produces a natural peeling of the skin by removing dead cells and allowing the ingredients penetrate the skin and regenerate tissue damage caused by inclement weather as sun, dust and pollution. Use twice daily in the evenings and the mornings and in no time you will see results. Raise your self-esteem and feel better looking as always wanted. Expression Lines, Scars, Wrinkles Freckles, burns, stains on the skin and Striations. Karakol Kream moisturizes and repairs your skin. How to use: Apply twice daily to the skin is free from pre-washed and creams or oils, the gel is absorbed in a short time and after that you can apply makeup on the skin and dry.

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