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100% natural-No pesticides or chemicals usedNEW! Durable resealable zip lock closure kraft pouchImproves the complexionHeals skin tissue & Fight inflammatory conditions

Manjistha is considered to be one of the most valuable herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and was held in high esteem by ancient sages in the treatment of skin diseases.According to the Charaka, the Manjhistha plant is varnya which means it “ improves the complexion”. Manjistha promotes the healing of skin tissue, makes the complexion even and is used to help lighten dark spots. Used externally as a paste by itself or with honey, it heals inflammation and gives the skin an even tone and smoothness. For optimum results, include Manjhistha powder in your weekly face masks.

100% pure Manjistha Rubia Cordifolia 1 2 LBORGANICALLY GROWN -NEW Resealable packaging NOATKFCQJ

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